Foundation of the organization

Sudan Education Supporting Organization was established as an extension of the great Manaseer initiative, which was an ignition of generous efforts and contributions, has implemented projects that the outgoing government was unable to carry out. Al-Manaseer a region by the banks of the Nile lost 23 children and a young doctor who drowned on August 15, 2018, when they were on their way to school using local unsafe ferry due to lack of safe transportation. The deposed regime did nothing in that national tragedy.  The initiative was emerged as public effort to extend helping hands to the victims & to avoid recurring of such dear loss, by  providing lot to the villages of the Kunaissa and kibna, targeting that with great spirit. We saw that people responded & invested with  generosity to help in providing safe and suitable educational environment for those youngsters. Thus, the same group of people worked & established SEDSO to implement  mighty project that aims to reconstruct all schools in all of Sudan. This was the aim and cause of the being of this organization organization


We seek to rehabilitate and build educational institutions that provide an attractive and safe educational environment


Providing a better future for the children of Sudan by providing a safe and happy learning environment


It is the right of any Sudanese to be a member of the organization, provided that he is an adult of sound mind